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Ppp i just need some reassurance, my little boy (3) is wild I can’t take him any…

Ppp i just need some reassurance, my little boy (3) is wild I can’t take him anywhere without him trying to run away he is soo loving and is always happy to see people but he’s terrible at listening. I use naughty step, take things away etc but it doesn’t bother him in the slightest, I think I’m a really good mum but recently my anxiety has been so bad that I don’t even take him to the shops 2 seconds away, anyway I spoke to the health visitor about it and she’s going to phone his nursery teacher and ask if he’s the same there, I went to pick him up and spoke to her and she said his behaviour is different and not like the other children and they don’t know how I do it with a six month old baby too, they are having him assessed by a speech therapist and health visitor and I’m so upset that something might be wrong with him, I spoke to my mum about it and she said that maybe I should think about parenting classes or social work could help me? I’m heartbroken that she even mentioned that and I’m now doubting myself as a good enough parent to my baby’s who are my world 😭😭! The teacher also said that they need a teacher just for my son so that they can do activities while someone else follows him around all day😭. I don’t know if I’m making any sense with this but I just feel really down with it all x


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