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Could i have a ppp I give up with my sons dad i swear to bloody god! Baisically…

Could i have a ppp
I give up with my sons dad i swear to bloody god!
Baisically hes had to have supervised contact supervised by social services to start off with then for the last 7 week with his mum , we had a meeting today confirming my son will be coming off the child protection register (was on it because of his dad in the first place been split since september ) when leaving the meeting my ex was an asshole to me and i said ‘youve been on drugs havent you’ he said ‘no but ive started jabbing steroids but dont worry i wont do it again because my mum found the needles in my bag last friday ‘ FRIDAY IS WHEN HE HAS CONTACT WITH MY SON , its taken till his admition today for me to find outs his mum said nothing to me about it 😠 when i asked him why he took them i was then informed hes in court next week and might be going to prison for driving under the influence of drugs and stealing a family members car and he apparantly took them so he can ‘handle himself better in prison’
So me being the impulsive person i am went and told the social worker straight away.

1st question is will this effect my son coming off the register? As the care plan is that my sons nan is supposed to be trust worthy enough to put my son first
2nd question is should i go for a non contact order so he cant see my son until hes 16 (have been advised by ss to do this about 3 months ago and they said they would pay for it)
3rd question should i still let his mum have contact? She lies to me all the time only last week i found out my sons been out of nappies 2.5 years old for 6 months for me and in nursery day and night then when my ex was having a good day he told me shes been putting him in nappies when hes with her then changing him into pants when he comes home to me and lying telling me hes had no accidents etc but my son has gone there every friday since he was 6months old as they live an hour away

I dont know who to be most angry with him for taking them or her for finding needles in his bag during his contact and not telling me 😩😠


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