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Ppp I need advice and opinions on my situation. I posted not long ago that my oh…

Ppp I need advice and opinions on my situation. I posted not long ago that my oh of almost 5 years left me and within a week had someone else, I was devastated. 4 weeks later I went out and had a one night stand which wasn’t my greatest moment but he found out and was crushed and said that was the moment he realised that someone could take me away although he had someone else. I basically said that Day choose me or lose me and he said he wanted me and ended it with her. It’s been nearly a week now and when he is here it’s like nothing changed I can put what happened behind me but he went out last night and I was fine until this morning and I had no contact my mind was racing and the panic set in that he had cheated, he never cheated when we were together so I don’t know why I’m worried he will. He keeps saying he would never do that. He won’t put it on fb and tell hardly anyone we are back together he says it’s because he doesn’t want to look like he’s jumping from one relationship to another I see his point but we have been together nearly 5 years with a 5 week break so I don’t particularly see the problem and I’m starting to feel like he’s keeping his options open. Everytime I mention it he says I’m pushing him and gets annoyed. Last night he said he bumped into the girl he was seeing and she said they rushed things and she knows we are trying to work things out but I still can’t settle I was dreading the fact he might bump into her. He’s going out tonight again and I know I’m going to feel the same even though I don’t have to. I know deep down he wouldn’t cheat but something is niggling at me. I really don’t want to lose him again. Why am I driving myself crazy?


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