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Ppp, My daughter goes to nursery 9am – 3pm, mon-fri as I work. She’s 2. Recentl…

My daughter goes to nursery 9am – 3pm, mon-fri as I work. She’s 2. Recently I’ve been sick of the nursery and wondering if it’s just me being silly or not?! So a few things
1) in the recent heat, they’ve been having her outside the whole 6 hours she’s there, I get it’s nice and to be outside, but the heat is a lot and she’s coming home drinking ridiculous amounts of juice and literally sleeping for like 4 hours as a nap.
She’s also come home sunburnt twice, both times I’ve covered her in sun cream in the morning, took a bottle of it in and asked them to keep covering her.
2) on Thursday I picked her up and she could barely open her right eye & her left eye was very irritated. They told me she got bubble solution in her left eye, and they reacted badly but didn’t want to bother me at work.. well I took her down minor injuries to get it checked out and they done some checks and gave her medicine she was fine. More worried why her right eye had gone so bad when she got it in her left.. I took her back the next day and said this, they said ‘oh yeah, sorry, think it was her right eye she got it in’
Well where was the accident form??? Baring in mind I have to fill one even if she goes in with a tiny bruise from falling over, but that doesn’t warrant an accident form?? They don’t even know what eye it went in for sure.
3) she came home Friday with bruises all over her leg, and i don’t think they put them there, not at all, she’s accident prone, but again, if I took her in like that I’d have to fill in an accident form, so where’s theirs?? Why are they not telling me things? 4) Everyday I pick her up ‘she’s been fine all day, she ate most her lunch’ every time.
I sent her in with a lunchbox they said ‘she had chicken and rice for lunch and ate it all’ I said ‘she had a lunchbox..?’ They went ‘oh I’m on autopilot of course she did’.. so do they just say they ate all of it no matter what? I don’t get it. I want to change nurseries. I just want to know I’m not being silly I suppose? Tia


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