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PPP. My partners ex partner stopped him seeing his son (aged 9) 6 months ago bec…

PPP. My partners ex partner stopped him seeing his son (aged 9) 6 months ago because the weekend we went on holiday fell on his weekend to have him. We asked if we could take him on holiday with us and she said no and the 2 previous weekends my partner was due to see his son she said she was away both weekends on holiday so he couldn’t have him. My partners ex moved house in July and wont tell my partner where (we know what town but don’t know where) they live 200 miles away (she moved away when our daughter was born) because she wont allow him to see his son he recently stopped paying maintenance as he feels its unfair that he cant see his son but she still gets £200.00 a month maintenance from him. She has now gone to CSA and they have worked out he should pay alot more. My partner wants to appeal this as they haven’t taken into consideration our daughter or the fact that when he sees his son he drives there and back to pick him up despite her agreeing to meet halfway which costs a lot of money in fuel. His ex wont allow her son around me or our child so for 4yrs he has had to stay at his mums every other weekend which he told her isnt happening anymore and that his son will stay with us (his son knows me and likes me so no issue there) since they split she has moved on with 2 different men and had 2 other children but still insists on causing problems for us. I am after advice on how to make an appeal as of course my partner wants to provide for his son but she is calling all the shots which isnt fair.


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