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PPP. My sons dad told me today that he’s going to start doing overtime at work b…

PPP. My sons dad told me today that he’s going to start doing overtime at work because he wants to get himself a flat but in doing this will only see our son every other week. Even though this makes things easier for me as weekends are a bit nuts running around to meet him etc with a cheeky 3yr old but I am fuming for my boy. It’s not like I’m in the lap of luxury as I share a room with my son at my mums while I pay off our joint debt then I can move out. So I’m angry for 2 reasons. 1. How on earth can anyone be happy halving the time they see their child just because of things they want for themself. He’s perfectly fine where he is. And 2. What about paying off some of the debt he got me in so his son can have a room of his own?! He’s always been obsessed by money and things, also a compulsive liar when it comes to me. So I don’t know if something’s else is going on. He’s never asked for our son on his own (tells his family he’s asked and I say no which is bull) and as I work full time in the week (his dad does too) I’m not going to offer for him to have him on his own as every minute I have with my son is precious. I also don’t think he could cope as he won’t even help with a poo!!!Is this the beginning of him distancing himself from his son? We FaceTime most weekdays and he seems so eager to get off it lately because ‘his dinners ready’?! When we met today our boy was ill so I booked him into urgent care and said He could come and I would even pay to help him get home or drop him off at the station and he just went home?! He’s done this before. I just don’t get it. My son deserves more. X


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