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PPP. So the other day I wrote in about an incident that started cause I didn’t l…

PPP. So the other day I wrote in about an incident that started cause I didn’t like my partners friend. He says I’ve got no reason to dislike his friend so can I have opinions on what other people think please.. I’ll try to make it as short as possible around October last year my partner started going out with his mate every night (I was at home with our 3mo), I didn’t mind at first but turns out his mate told him to like another girls photo, he gave this girl a lift also knowing my partner was in the car yet turned down a ton of other girls (the girl also says my partner was texting her ) , my partner sore he was wrong stopped being with him for months, started again 4 days ago or so I thought he admitted this morning that he’s been getting lifts of him again for weeks, I don’t trust him at all when he’s with him, we’ve been together 5 years with no trouble till he started hanging round with him, so I looked on his phone sore a screenshot of his home screen &the Snapchat icon at the top , he swore point blank he didn’t have it, anyways fast forward I log in to his email change his password only this friend sent him messages, although he has a few other people on there he hadn’t opened the latest so I did it was a picture of a lass sucking his mate! Im fuming I said if he sees him again me&the kids are leaving& also he would rather end our relationship that their friendship, am I over reacting? Im now wondering what they do when there together as his mate seemed so comfortable sending him that picture.. Is he right am I over reacting & Its not a good enough reason for them to stop being mates, sorry for the long post but I’ve literally got no one to talk to&even if i did I would be so embarrassed to say anything tia x


2 thoughts on “PPP. So the other day I wrote in about an incident that started cause I didn’t l…

  • You partners friend didn’t force him to like the photo or force him to message the girl. It’s your partner’s job to tell his friend he’s with you and loves you and won’t be disloyal to you. Your partner is in the wrong here not his mate. Does sound like your partners friend wants him to be single but the issue lies here with your partner.

  • If you don’t trust your partner why are with him…regardless of who he hangs out with and what is said and done if your partner doesn’t want to cheat he won’t. …If he does than he will it doesn’t matter what friends he is with or how they act … can only control yourself … you have some thinking to do and maybe sort yourself out with your trust issues ….


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