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PPP I gave birth to my rainbow baby recently, and I’m really struggling to bond….

I gave birth to my rainbow baby recently, and I’m really struggling to bond. It’s making me feel really awful, as a mother, and a person. I know so many people who are trying so hard to have babies, and I feel terrible because I know they would do anything to have what I have, but I just can’t bond with my baby. I’m feeling so low. I don’t even know what the point of this post is, I guess I just want to know I’m not alone.


5 thoughts on “PPP I gave birth to my rainbow baby recently, and I’m really struggling to bond….

  • This is completely normal. As someone who’s had losses before, we are conditioned to believe that once we have our rainbow things are perfect but in reality we are still going to have the troubles that any parents can have. I know I did and it took me a long time to tell anyone because I felt selfish and guilty. I would speak to your doctor because honestly it helped me. I had CBT sessions which are helping a lot. 🙂

  • You are definitely not alone as millions of new mothers around the world feel the same way. Those not bonding feelings and feeling so low are classic signs of post-natal depression so I strongly advise you to speak to your doctor or health visitor (if you live in the UK) about those feelings as they can get you the help you need. That’s what I did and they were brilliant. They gave me alot of help and support with the baby and my mental health. Good luck xx

  • R u first time parent I find first time mums find it harder I struggled I didn’t bond for 2 n half years but there was alot of issues surrounding us I found having a break time to time helped the bond as I wasn’t so tired all the time I look back and think is there anything could of done differently to help but there wasn’t anything if u r with the dad or not give them some quality time together and go out with friends even if its for an hour or does get better but bring it up with health visitor too

  • Your not alone there’s plenty of people you can talk to, I was exactly like this with my second child 😔 I went to the doctors and told them etc, but with the help of family and friends I bonded with him, chin up huni it will all turn out ok xx

  • You won’t be alone. Talk to your hv or midwives if your still under their care. They will be able to help x


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