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Private post please.. Desperate looking for some advice without judgement pleas…

Private post please..
Desperate looking for some advice without judgement please.
My 9 yrs old daughter always has been a very sweet and kind girl …and I belive she still is. She have form this strong friendship since the beginning of her school years with this girl of what I have heard so many rumours of her been mean to others girls ..I had never have my daughter name evolved in any of this before until recently when one of the girls that is a very good friend to her (my daughter) struggle with go to school every morning with nervous sickness..and my daughter name have been mentioned together with another girl that is part of the 3 best friends of the group that is making this girl feel incomfortable going into school …this girl said that she is been told no wear this or that and she felt treaten by the group my daughter form part of it. I have spoke to the teacher and she assured that my daughter is always been a very kind an good girl and that she is no the concern …everything point the finger at this other girl that is my daughter best friend as she is very dominant and the leader…I found about this by the parent of the girl that is been targeted and I have step myself to find what is going on..I spoke to the school, to my daughter other friend mum, but not to the suppose mean girl mum yet..also I been having long conversations with my daughter about it and she say this mean girl get angry if they talk to other girls so my daughter and her other friend wait for her to go, to go and make sure other girls do not feel left out but they don’t do it while the mean girl is there because she gets angry…so for my daughter been part of this group her name is been mention around as one of the means girls…I have done all the right talk to her and she understands but seems unlikely to understand why she needs to pick between friends as she says this girl isn’t mean to her…(no sure if she can see this as she will no wear color this girls don’t like etc) .she says she likes her as a friend and she can also be friends with everyone. I don’t want my daughters name been mentioned around just for been part of the group without her done nothing as no complaints about her especific has been received..I don’t know what else to do .


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