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Private Post Please – sorry its long I need some advice. Basically I’ve been wi…

Private Post Please – sorry its long

I need some advice. Basically I’ve been with my partner for 3 years in October, engaged for 1 and we have a beautiful baby. Things have been very tense and awkward for a good year. Throughout the pregnancy we were always fighting (sometimes they got heated with me being backed up against kitchen counters, things thrown at me etc) but when baby was born i hoped that all the stress and fear would improve. They have but now the babys father does barely anything with them. I do everything – night feeds, bottles, nappies, dressing, playing, bathing, the lot. I’m essentially a single mother living with a flatmate and I’ve now realised over the last couple of weeks that i don’t love him anymore. I don’t want to be with him. I look forward to him going to work and dread him coming home and committing to marry him is the furthest thing from my mind.

My question is how do i go about getting somewhere to live? Obviously we currently live together but its all in his name. I have no ties to the mortgage etc. So do i need to apply for housing benefit before i leave or do i go in to private rent (pay the bond and rent) while I’m waiting for HB or what? I just need advice as i cant seem to find an answer anywhere and don’t know where to start. I want to get a place sorted before i tell him that I’m leaving so me and the baby wont be homeless.

Please no bashing and Thanks for your help in advance xx


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