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Private post please xx I have been with my partner for 3 years he has lived with…

Private post please xx
I have been with my partner for 3 years he has lived with me for 2 and a half years. And we have a 5 month old son together. When i met him he used to like to go the bookies and all that but only once in a while. Then he didnt bother until recently. since ive been with him money has been going out of my bank (only little amounts i dodnt even notice thought i was over spending) but when i have cash and i hide it its gone. We had 800 pounds and i hid it its both of our money for our son i wanted to buy nursery stuff with it. and the reason its in cash is because hes on scamming sites and loan sites, onlime roulette etc. Which has been taking money out the bank so we had to take the rest out before that got took too. he must of searched everywhere to find it. and left me and my son with 100 pound for baby stuff, food and electric for the rest of the month. He was watching me cry over it searching everywhere and asking everyone whos come into the house if they have took anything and he went along with it until he eventually told me. Now it all makes sense when i get money or save money i always think ive lost it the past years but he is obviously going gambling with it all. He said he lost his last wages last month on the floor he took it out to pay the rent ?! then behind my back borrowed money off my mum and dad( they are separated) so he borrowed 200 off each and told them different stories ( my mum has been there for him more than his own family) and everyone knew but me. How embarrising. I am heartbroken as he watches me cry that were struggling and skint and losing sleep over it and worrying how we will manage. he goes along with it the whole time but hes spending it gambling. I dunno what to do. I want my son to have his dad in his life. i do love him loads but now im thinking he doesnt feel the same. He steals of me and our son and lies to my face he doesnt even switch when im upswt or depressed. He has changed the past year or so. He doesnt show me love or any of that anymore. He is moody and moany everyday and it just drags me down now i cant trust him atall. Finally yesterday i said ur a gambler u have problems he eventually said he has needed help for about 6 months and when i think hes at work he will run to the bookies every chance he gets. I cant believe he would do this to me i thought compeltely different of him. What should i do as its not the first he has constantly done this and ive caught him a few times before and hes promised he sill never steal again but i dont believe it this time its alot of money even worse its for our son. 🙁


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