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Private post please My daughter has just turned 9, she has been having nightmare…

Private post please
My daughter has just turned 9, she has been having nightmares recently about strangers basically they get her naked and get into bed with her and then she wakes up, I don’t think she has seen anything on tv except maybe things like friends where they joke about sex. I have asked her outright if anyone has ever done anything to her and she is adamant it hasn’t? I do believe she would say if did. However at school today she got upset when changing for pe she told the teacher and then her and another teacher spoke to her about it, asked her lots of questions and wrote it all down so they ‘didn’t forget anything’ and she had to answer some questions on a kind of survey, I understand the school probably have procedures they have to follow, but now her dad and I are worried about what to do next, do we speak to school of leave it? What if they call social services? I know we have nothing to worry about and it’s probably her over active imagination making her have bad dreams but would seriously appreciate some advice if anyone has been through anything similar!


6 thoughts on “Private post please My daughter has just turned 9, she has been having nightmare…

  • Don’t worry about social services the school have to react, that’s how the bad people are caught. You have nothing to worry about if you haven’t done anything.
    I personally would speak to a doctor. She has anxiety, they will be able to advise what to do about it.
    Social services aren’t just people who come take your kids away, that’s always a last resort unless there is an immediate risk to the child.

  • A lot of times dreams about being naked can just be anxiety dreams and maybe they have upset her or confused her. Also I agree with Rachel it could well be that her body is changing and she’s panicking about that xx

  • Maybe ask if it’s happened to a friend if she’s adamant it’s not her maybe a friend has confided in her and said something for me I would speak to the school and be careful about anyone around my daughter for me this is to specific and not right for there age x

  • Be pro-active and talk to school yourself.let them know you’re aware of the situation and that she isn’t telling you one thing and them another. It’s something that you probably maybe should have done when it all started,but no point beating yourself up about it now. Just be open and honest now. You can work out exactly what has happened between you and also find a way to help her overcome this anxiety

  • I’d speak to the school straight away it shows you have no secrets as your girl came straight home and told you

  • Is she possibly starting puberty? Is her body changing and maybe she’s worrying about it? X


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