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Really long post and want honest opinions please. So basically me and my ex had…

Really long post and want honest opinions please.
So basically me and my ex had a toxic relationship, we had our good moments but last year in october we had a massive argument which led to him putting his hands round my throat and strangling me.. I forgave him but only a week later he left. I was obviously heartbroken as I blamed myself for what happened. We have a little girl who nearly one and a half. He left end of October completely and had seen her maybe 3 times before new year. He wasn’t making any effort at all, was out partying and doing whatever. New years eve he was supposed to have LO but didnt let me know the plan or when he was coming so I had enough and told him I’m blocking him out my life completely and he needed to go through court. I didnt hear from him until 22nd February with complete Abuse. He got a new girlfriend end of January and they split middle February.. I left them too it even though it did break me apart as he made it look like he was living a separate life without his daughter.. I hadn’t heard from a lawyer or anything at that point. Maybe a week after him trying to contact me I had a letter from a lawyer that he wanted contact. I practically begged him to stay part of LO life when he left but he just made things so hard. my lawyer replied stating I want him to have contact. Two weeks went by and he came up on my tinder and I liked him to see if he had matched me back and he had. Within 5 minutes he had messaged me. Baring in mind he hadn’t seen lo in nearly three months he kept begging to come up and see her. I agreed as long as nobody knew. I tried so hard to stand my ground while he was here trying to be all best daddy of the year then asked me for a hug. I cave every to me I see him, he’s my first love, baby dad and I gave everything up for him. He ended up staying maybe a week and then left, went on a full weekend bender and then a week and a half later done the same and silly me let him stay again for the week, he acted Happy families and now hes just gone and done the same. When arguments broke out I did say he wasn’t aloud to see lo anymore until he did go through court and I felt bad because I felt I was using her as a weapon but was heat of the moment. He’s currently away out getting drunk and I haven’t heard from him in a few days, I have text loads of times asking if he wanted to have lo today as planned but no response, the last thing he did say was he was waiting till court now so he doesnt need to he in contact with me , I dont know what to do anymore, I feel heartbroken all over again when I was doing well before he got in contact and so was LO!


6 thoughts on “Really long post and want honest opinions please. So basically me and my ex had…

  • Reply to post please- I feel I’ve been acting like a complete physco with him though, like I’m trying yo force him to be with me and then when arguing and doesn’t suit me I say he isn’t seeing little one 😢

  • Stay strong. My ex was toxic like that. You need to be strong for you and her now.

    She deserves to have a stable Father in her life not some lad who is only interested when he fancies it. Xx

  • Stay strong. He’s shown you his true colours. Keep contact through court… I’d also advise getting someone to be a middle man when contact is arranged fully so you don’t see him. I know that sounds harsh but it sounds to me like he knows you will have him back and he is abusing that. He was also physically abusive to you at one point. You need to safeguard yourself. x

  • I’ve been through similar I split with my daughters dad last April he had drained the life out of me, for the last year he’s had 2 now ex girlfriends both of which tried to get involved in my lg’s life after him only being with them for a few weeks he’s maybe seen her 8 or 9 times in a full 12 months at first I did feel sorry for him and wanted to let him stay etc but I had good friends helping me through it & a year on I feel much better and wouldn’t ever get back with him, let him go through court hun because as soon as he breaks the court order he will go to prison no child deserves a man in and out of their life its mentally draining for them 🙂 time is a great healer, enjoy the time you have with lo before she starts school & get your confidence back, you will get over him it just takes time & you will eventually meet someone who is worth every second of yours and your lo’s time 🙂 xxx

  • I’ve done it aswel hun a lot of times, best way is to block him for now & boost yourself up its hard especially when you have to have a smile for little one, but you will get their xxx


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