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So I guess I’m kind of hoping I’ll get some kind of reassurance and hear that ot…

So I guess I’m kind of hoping I’ll get some kind of reassurance and hear that other people’s little ones were the same. I’m worrying like crazy over my little boy. He is 4 months old and avoids eye contact a lot. I can spend ages trying to interact with him and encouraging him to look at me and he seems to look at everything else but. He’ll look at my hair or my clothes but can spend ages avoiding looking at my face. I see other babies staring at their parents faces and all I read is how social babies are but I feel like eye contact with him is so limited and I have to really work for it. He’s better when on the changing table and definitely does have times where he will look at me and he’s smiley etc. I also read that babies should love their reflections in mirrors and he shows no interest in himself or me in the mirror most of the time. He will often smile for Daddy when he comes home from work but even he gets avoided eye contact too at times. He seems too busy chomping on his hands and looking at everything else and just looks around us. It’s really upsetting my that I want to feel that connection and share those moments with him and he’s just avoiding me. I know he’s so young but I can’t help but worry about social delays and autism. I get that babies get overtired and look away when over stimulated but he does it so much. Even when I go in to him in the morning he’ll look at me for a split second then look away, sometimes smiling briefly but looking away again and other times it’s like I’m not even there. He’s also not an affectionate baby and has never liked to cuddle with me which I find really hard. He just gets frustrated and wriggles when I try to cuddle him unless he’s tired or engaged with something else. Was anybody else’s babies like this and it was just a phase and the grew out of it and got better? Thank you.


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