Social Media Can Help

Have you ever felt lonely, ever felt that no one cared?

I’m one of those people who struggle to make friends, that’s where social media can step in and help.

I have more online friends that face to face friends and some say that is not a good thing.

But these online friends, listen, check in on you and route for you, even helping you at your lowest point.

I was lucky enough to meet some of my social media friends, it took me 3 hours to drive there and others spent hours travelling to.

It was like meeting up with long lost family, it wasn’t awkward, it wasn’t strange, it felt natural.

All of the children became friends almost instantaneously, they loved being together.

There was no awkward silences or weird surprises, so having online friends is not a bad thing (obviously be careful).

So thanks social media for helping a loner like me feel included.

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