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Sorry me again I need a ppp. . I’m at a lost atm.. I’m 23 weeks pregnant me and…

Sorry me again I need a ppp. .

I’m at a lost atm.. I’m 23 weeks pregnant me and my partner split Monday because Ss got involved last week again over bruising from my child playing out but he seemed anxious so they had to tell me to keep my partner away which I did.. ss said my son seemed more happy since he not seen my partner.
We agreed to break up mutual agreement last week as he ain’t been like a bf to me for a log time plus no effort towards my son after last he made an accusation against him which became case closed. he also accused me saying this baby not his and wants a dna.. yesterday he smashed his phone up twice in front of me, my garden chair and broke my back door. . Ss came out today and spoke to me and my dad and basically said I’m a good parent and really it was him.. if I go back there they will get involved again..
Next min I get a call while are mcds with my son and it was him telling me to get home coz he wants his stuff or he’s gonna boot my door in..
I couldn’t take my son back home where he was in my garden as my son shouldn’t hear or see that.. so my mum phoned police and I went to my grandads..
Police took us home and some how partner managed to get in the house take all his stuff including what he bought me and baby items!
He then came round before in garden unannounced saying he wants to be civil but basically it qas all my fault! Trying to make me feel guilty etc!
We have not done nothing together in a very long time not even a date night or family time fuck all..but he also think I might have someone else lined up which I don’t so his reposnse is he will find someone to shag!
I’m now a single mum to a 9 yr old by one dad and to my unborn baby by this partner. . I honstley feel like I miss him and want him.. yes I still love him but I hosntley don’t know how I’m gonna get over him?
Who the hell would ever want me with 2 kids by.2 different fathers? Not being nasty to anyone who has and are happy but it’s how I’m. Feeling atm.. I feel like I’ve lost my right arm or even my best friend.


One thought on “Sorry me again I need a ppp. . I’m at a lost atm.. I’m 23 weeks pregnant me and…

  • Hi i felt like that when i split with the father of my 2 children 9years ago now and it was hard i wont lie but it was the best thing i ever done. The chilren are better off and so am i and ss left me to live my life happily x honestly its a long road but you can do thia with the support of your family and friends and you hace your 2 beautiful children. Keep going and never look back you deserve better than him and his stupid behaviour x good luck


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