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Why doesn’t anyone tell pregnant women to masturbate to make labour easier

Why doesn’t anyone tell pregnant women to masturbate to make labour easier

That orgasm is a womb opening device.

Why doesn’t anyone count that childbirth is sexual?

That the same organs are involved, the same hormones.

Just like to make love, intimacy is required.

What’s sweat, groans, panting, eyes on white, hips on the move…

How has birth / sex become so rigid and controlled?

Getting to orgasm requires putting the brain at rest and lowering the body.

Giving birth the same.

The thing is, many women live pretending orgasms, to fit in the patriarchal model.

The thing is, you can’t fake a labor.

Oxytocin is the main hormone responsible for uterine contractions, and it is very sensitive; it needs tranquility, dim light and confidence.

No matter how close you are to running, if someone breaks into the room without warning, or turns on strong lights or talks about something very technical; it cuts.

They’re all stimulations of neocortex, generating adrenaline, and inhibiting the process.

They call it failure in labor progress.

I don’t think this is a failure, no one fails to give birth.

It’s rather centuries of #sexual repression combined with poor fear-based information that causes all these interventions and unnecessary suffering.
′′ Ultimately, birth is a sexual act that would be performed with the maximum gratification of #pleasure for human creatures, if the sexuality of the woman who stops were not destroyed.” Wilhelm Reich
′′ We mean it and invoking repeated experiences, and not in the name of theories, philosophies, beliefs, the work of #labor can be a succession of truly appropriate contractions, good, because they are generators of pleasure.”-Frédérick Leboyer
′′ Even the divine curse ‘you will give birth with pain’ implied that it was not always so.”
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