Women’s Empowerment Has Taken A Turn

For some reason, women’s empowerment has taken a turn.

When Cardi B’s songs “Twerk” and “WAP” (If you don’t know what WAP stands for…I’m gonna let you look that up yourself) are #1 songs in the world, something is backward. For some reason, our culture has taken to glorifying women like Cardi B who have lyrics that are so vile I feel like my ears and eyes need to be washed out when I’m done reading them (again, I’ll leave it up to you to look that up). I give Cardi B some grace because I believe she’s a broken person, but something needs to change.

I consider myself a smart, capable, strong, empowered woman.
I also like to have a man open the door for me.

I like to have a man take out the trash, fix things around the house, and take care of our property.

I don’t feel threatened or “less than” by a man who takes charge; as a matter of fact, I appreciate it.

I find no greater joy than cooking my husband a homemade meal and placing it before him.

I’m incredibly satisfied that we sacrificed financially for 14 years so I could stay home with our kids.

I’m also equally satisfied that I was called back into the workforce and that I have a job that fulfills and challenges me nearly every day.

I find it an honor to be called “mom” by five kids.

I embrace my femininity.

I love to smile.

I like to act classy, and don’t need vulgar signs or profanities to get my point across.

I am thankful for the gifts and aptitudes God has given me.

I don’t feel a need to be more masculine and I don’t need my husband to be more feminine; I think we are perfect just the way we are.

Our marriage is rock solid after 22+ years because we live in a true partnership and embrace our roles. We don’t compete with each other, he doesn’t try to control me, and I don’t try to control him.

I believe a true feminist can embrace her femininity without feeling like she needs to circumvent her man’s masculinity.
Being smart, capable, strong and empowered as a woman means all of these things. It doesn’t mean we need to discard our softness, our delicate natures, or apologize for allowing men to be men.

True empowerment for women doesn’t involve getting half naked and sexualizing ourselves to the masses . In fact, it sets us back. Women who have gone before us have worked hard to gain us the respect and admiration we deserve; let’s not throw it all away by reiterating the idea that we’re just objects.

Credit https://www.facebook.com/shantilandon

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