You Are Strong, You Can Walk Away From An Abuser

An abusive person uses threats and violence to keep a victim compliant.

To manipulate,.destruct and destroy.

In a place where they have control

Fearful to make eye contact for fear of retribution.

They don’t want you to gaze at them

If challenged.a coward will run

They will see the pain in your eyes

And perhaps

They see themselves reflected back.

Evil, cruel, callous and unkind.

Then they lose the grip and over on you

So please I’m absolutely begging you

Left your head and see the world as a beautiful place

See the abuser for what they are

Cold staring ugly weasel eyes.

No light will ever reach their soul.

Only the fires that burn in hell

Go back to the mirror please look again

Detach the wounded inner self

Love forgive and console your self

Gaze upon a survivors reflection

Look deep in to their eyes

Deep down inside

To go down to the absolute depths of despair.

There’s only one way to go now

Up up up up and up again

Gaining control of your own destiny

Please take heart things get better

Let others love you and find out how special that you are.

Let down the guard.

Learn to trust your own instincts

Draw upon your strengths

There is no room at the inn to fail

As my dear please believe in yourself

Your worth a million bullies

Strong dignified and pure inside.

You didn’t want or ask for it

Go into your soul and bring out the light

With trust and compassion

With your dignity and poise

These are your gifts no one can destroy

Please don’t believe ugly names toy we’re often called.

Reverse your thinking strategy

These names they shout is who

They really are not you.

Be true to you and only you

Be brave and stand your ground

Be your own saviour

Remove the brick wall of isolation

Let the hurt child in you move on

Only then you can believe and dream

Get help and close the wounded part

There will always be scars and confusion

But don’t let these people dictate

Your life now free of aBuse

Chin up and look up

Be proud of all your little victories

And rejoice breaking that cycle

Of pain, confusion, and suffering.

Be strong as you have survived

And you are slowly starting to heal

Don’t waste time on drink and drugs

It doesn’t help and you will

Just get arrested and locked up.

The pain and heartache will

Still be there in the cold daylight.

Credit Diane Ginn

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