You’re Not Dad Of The Year For Posting One Photo

Ciara Moore’s Views having gone viral and for good reasons.

Moore said” Having a baby is all cuddles & about family until things hit the fan with your child’s father and he up and leaves. BOOM now you’re a single mother, left to do it all by yourself, while he MIGHT* ask to see the child once or twice a week and change a couple pampers a day but still gets his beauty sleep while months down the road were STILL feeling like a zombie.

You get to sneak away once a week at night if your lucky to catch up with old friends (the two you have left 🤷‍♀️) and get SHAMED for it . You’re now a bad mum lol. While he lives his regular life with no responsibilities & drinks and hangs out every day but is still quoted “ Best Dad of the Year” JUST because he posts one simple picture with your child he took the last time he saw the kid bc in reality it’s been like a month 😂.

You’ll sit at home after work each day with your child and be happy but still slightly alone because you are. You have a beautiful little person that you take care of but when you rest your head at night and realize “wow my phone hasn’t gone off at all …” and no ones even checked on you or offered to bring you a bite to eat to catch up or ANYTHING small just to make you feel a little less lonely … that’s when reality hits you. And you even start to blame yourself bc now your child is either being raised in a split family , has a revolving door of a father OR no father at all.

I guess that’s a part of growing up is realizing it’s not all that people make it out to be. A picture says a thousand words BUT there’s a thousand more behind it. Dads can drink their feelings away while we have no choice but to face them and pick ourselves back up each day for our child. Especially dealing with some** of the things above or seeing people** i know deal with it .. it’s SAD . But exactly why I admire women/ mothers . We cry all we want but that’s a sign of strength. Somehow we ALWAYS pull through. #notalldadsarethesame !!#dontarguewithme#momsareamazing 👩‍👧👩‍👦

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