I Am A Dad And I Miss My Children

I Am A Dad And I Miss My Children

My wife recently left me I have two children 7 and 13, I miss them so much I speak with them twice a week and see them for 4 hours every other week. It’s just not enough I miss them so much it hurts. I find myself being emotional when I see and speak with them but I’m positive and always tell them I love them andI’m thinking of them.

It breaks my heart being a part-time father. My ex says they get upset when I see them as they miss me when I drop them off she thinks if I stay away more it will be more stable for them as it unsettles them I believe being more active seeing them more would help not hinder. I’m a good farther and I love my children but she is doing all she can to ruin the brief time I have with them she demands to know what I’m doing with them criticises me constantly. I have fun with them keep them  safe and care about what they want to do whilst with me.

I have lost everything my home my wife but I don’t want to lose my children they are all I have left. I don’t know how to live my life without them. Putting my daughter to bed playing with my son being there when they are happy and sad now it’s just brief times and phone calls. I want to be a parent and a father but I’m struggling I’m scared she is trying to turn them against me with her controlling nature and I’m going to lose the bond I have. I feel so alone.

Please mums if you split with your children’s father make it easy for him to see them, they are not a weapon they are not just yours, men have feelings to, obviously if he is not safe around the children then that’s a different matter, but I am a good loving father who is being denied his own flesh and blood and I’m hurting badly

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