Tesco Why Don’t You Care About Poorer Families

I have just been messaging Tesco Customer Service Team regarding the disappearance of at least 50% of their Everyday Value Range. I wanted to know what was going on. They have confirmed that they are reducing the range of products they stock and this has meant in reality the Everyday Value range disappearing.

They have no intention of replacing the range and so I will be forced to spend more or shop elsewhere Tesco Why Don’t You Care About Poorer Families .

Despite being a loyal Tesco customer for over 15 years, I feel like boycotting them because they are showing so little regard for people who have tight budgets. They obviously don’t want or need the custom.

Being a single mum to 4 children money is really tight and I have to budget to pay bills and feed my family, I work long hours and still never seem to get a head on my finances.

The Tesco value range has always been great for me and my family, the children enjoy their meals and always clear their plates, I have tried Aldi and Lidl but they are so far away from where I live.

I personally feel Tesco are wrong to remove the affordable value range of food from there stores, I for one am struggling to feed the family now on my budget and feel that Tesco literally do not care for  their poorer customers, I know they are a supermarket for profit but they must make some amount of money from the value range and whilst customers who are on a lower budget don’t spend as much they should still be valued customers, I mean one day I may not be this poor and be able to spend more in their store but not now, they have lost my custom and I feel very dishearten with them.

Some people may say it’s petty to be so annoyed over this but until you have to feed 4 children with limited funds you won’t understand.

Submitted by Amanda Stevenson

Author: XGemx

2 thoughts on “Tesco Why Don’t You Care About Poorer Families

  1. Tesco are not removing their everyday value range, they are changing the packaging. You were told wrong information by the customer service desk

  2. even ive noticedd that half of the everyday vale stuff have gone and yeah they may have changed pakaging but they have put most of the prices up on them

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