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1.) Anyone’s baby have digeorge syndrome? On top of tetrology of fallot? They wi…

1.) Anyone’s baby have digeorge syndrome? On top of tetrology of fallot?
They will be testing him for this when born…

2.) Exactly what is back labor pain?
Why do I feel so much pressure from his head and it feels like his arms/shoulders are in the way from him depending.
4th baby I should know this. But I’ve never felt t his. I’ve never even had contractions on my own! Never.

*3 I’m 37 weeks they are inducing me to have a Week early literally RIGHT after I told them I didn’t want to be induced! I asked for a sweep only at 38 weeks to avoid being induced. But they are doing it so I don’t go into labor on own “without anyone there” but the thing is. I don’t feel like going hungry for 24hrs and being dizzy AND tired. Every single baby has been induced for better reasons. NOT for this one. They don’t want to chance me giving birth away from the hospital because of his heart. But I feel completely unheard with the fact I don’t want to be on pitocin unless it’s absolutely needed. All inducings have been because of no fluid around my oldest, pre-eclampsia with my 2nd, and I didn’t start going into labor on my own with my 3rd after water broke. This is my last baby. I just wanted my body to do this on its own. But they’ve scheduled me anyways for cervical thinning the night before and pitocin the next day if the “pill form” doesn’t work.
I’m already doing evening primrose oil to help.
& Drinking pregnancy tea.
I walk all the time. I really want to do everything I can to make sure I don’t need pitocin… that stuff is hard on me. And always results in an epidural and laying on my back the whole time. Which is what I need to avoid. I can’t breathe if laying on my back.. and I want to be able to walk when I’m in labor. šŸ˜• you know?
They also don’t want him to be big! When at 25 weeks they told me he’s to small, and they wanted a big baby. Better on him if surgery was needed at birth. Honestly I’d rather a big baby over being induced!


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