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Can I have a ppp? I need to rant badly. So my fiancee came home to grab his ps3 …

Can I have a ppp? I need to rant badly. So my fiancee came home to grab his ps3 and my tv to take over to his friend’s house so they would have something to do. Well he wanted to walk down the back wooden stairs and they are wobbly and slick from the rain. He’s like well I’m going to need your help getting the tv down there. Well the stairs are really narrow and I couldn’t help even if I wanted to. So he slips and falls. Breaks a piece off the side of the tv. Breaks the stand on the bottom of it. And the power button on the side doesn’t work now. So we have to use the remote to turn it on. A few of his game cases broke. When he got to his friend’s he told me the tv was working fine. I told him well if I would have tried to help it wouldn’t have happened. Then I told him we should have taken the tv through my parents room through the back door and it wouldn’t have happened. He told me it wasn’t my fault in the messages between me and him when he was at his friend’s. Then in the messages he asks if I wanted him to come home. I told him no you told your friend you would stay. So he comes home anyways and puts the blame all on me. He’s like well if I would have hurt myself I would have taken you to court. And if my ps3 and phone would have broke you would have replaced it. Am I in the wrong here? I feel like I haven’t done anything. It’s my tv that’s broke.


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