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Hi can I have a private post please It’s not baby related but is mental healt…

Hi can I have a private post please It’s not baby related but is mental health related I have a social worker for adults who I don’t get on with but lately has been a nightmare I have unstable emotional borderline personality disorder and bipolar with anixety and lack of impulse control and a few other things I have a constant care team which is fine they haven’t been around much so stayed out of it lately my partner got arrested for dv and they jumped in since then I found out one of my home caters also a relative is dying this person also has been to court and got all responsibility of me as I’m not allowed to be left alone at home or outside as I’m prone to self harm and suicide amongst other things I phoned my social worker to ask what happens as my main carer will be gone and they have appointee over me to be given tons of information they have incorrect about my past so struggling to see how my future will be ok if they can’t get something correct that happened years ago and they later messed me up again later down the line anyone know of anything I can do to ensure they understand my worrys and how to know I’m gonna be ok sorry for the long post rather distressed and worked up as I only just got this call and really worked up x


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