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Can i have a ppp. So long story. My husband has had affair after affair behind …

Can i have a ppp.

So long story. My husband has had affair after affair behind my back and promised to change! Every time I’ve forgave him and tried again for the sake of our daughter, his mum says I should just let him do what he wants at the end of the day it’s me he is coming home to!!!
But a guy i used to know is back in my mum’s town we got talking and I told him I was married from the start, we both have mutual friends and he walk in on me crying my heart out to my best friend! Now he has told me the only reason he moved back was he loved me always has and says he’ll wait as long as it takes.
I can’t see my husband ever changing and I don’t want my daughter to grow up knowing it’s ok for men to treat her the way her daddy treats me.
Please i need advice.


8 thoughts on “Can i have a ppp. So long story. My husband has had affair after affair behind …

  • Well before you even do anything you need to sit down with your husband and communicate with him, maybe try marriage councilling, if he really won’t change or try councilling then file for divorce. You then need to spend time getting back on your feet, finding your own self, focusing on yourself and your daughter before you go starting anything with another guy.

  • You’ve answered your own question! You don’t want your daughter growing up in that environment, you deserve better! His mum’s only saying that so he doesn’t have to move back home and if she thought anything about her granddaughter she would want better for her! By the sounds of things he’s had enough chances and knows there is no repercussions therefore continues doing it! Get rid xx

  • You having an affair because he did isn’t going to solve the problem not saying your going to do that but if your thinking about it maybe re think. Also the fact that this guy is moving back is the reason you want to leave your husband right? Still I don’t think jumping from one relationship to another is going to solve it maybe you should take some time out for yourself and have a good think on what you want and focus on yourself and your daughter All the best Xx

  • Pack his shit and kick him as far away as possible, no man or woman should be going around cheating and thinking it’s ok. I was 16 when I had an affair with a married man it was the worst thing I ever did, there still together now, that proved to me he never ‘loved’ me like he said he did, just a waste of spunk, I was 16 and nieave , he was 27! You and your little girl deserve better, end it now before it gets any worse. C

  • If u do leave just dont rush into things with the other guy. You and your daughter need time plus its not good for her head

  • If u decide to do this. Just leave him and start off at start again. Take time for u and it girl but also if this new guy is serious about what he’s saying which I think there’s something weird about that but anyway lol start off slow with him don’t go and throigh urself in the deep end and end up with the same as uv got right now u deserve better so take it time there’s no rush but I do believe u answered ur own question is daughter deserves to twught she deserves better like her mum xx

  • I would leave your husband and not jump into another relationship and take time on you and your daughter. X

  • you dont want your daughter to grow up knowing its ok for men to treat you the way her daddy treats you, but what about not teaching your daughter that its ok for women to cheat in retalisation? not saying you are but jsut a thoughy


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