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Can I have a private post please. Bare with me it’s a bit long. This morning I …

Can I have a private post please.
Bare with me it’s a bit long. This morning I caught my husband in bed watching porn. I made a joke about it, said “oh sorry, was you busy” and smiled, went to give him a kiss and a hug and he pushed me away, quite hard, and told me to fuck off! I’m 30 weeks pregnant. I walked out of our room, told him our marriage is a joke and went downstairs, he knew I was upset yet made no attempt to follow me or apologise. 30 minutes later he came down stairs and told me our marriage was over and told me to leave. Since then he’s not spoken to me and been asleep upstairs all afternoon (I don’t mind as he works long hours 5/6 days a week.) I had no problem with him watching porn, although to be honest it makes me feel a bit crap because we rarely have sex at the moment but he doesn’t know that. He’s usually really easy going and a bit of a joker so I have no idea why he reacted the way he did. Don’t know why I’m posting this, just feeling broken 😟


13 thoughts on “Can I have a private post please. Bare with me it’s a bit long. This morning I …

  • Embarrassed or not.
    He had no right to push you.
    I think then he has had a counter reaction to you saying that your marriage to him as a joke,
    Then him saying it’s over.
    You both need to talk, and work out what you want.
    Sounds like you both need to do a bit growing up, to be honest x

  • I’d say he was embarrassed or maybe being caught was a bit of a turn off.
    I’d be more pissed that he told you to leave at 30weeks preggers!
    I’d say “I was joking! You didn’t need to push me away! Did you actually take me seriously?” And see what he says. Or go out for the rest of the day for him to chill out and talk later

  • I would say as others have he was embarrassed, assuming this has been the first time you caught him….it seems a bit extreme to say the marriage is over or that’s it’s a joke….unless there are problems there that have been there for a while….talk it out….tell him it’s ok to watch porn….

  • Embarrassed or not, you’re pregnant. I was pushed when I was pregnant and walked out that front door before he could even crawl back with his pathetic apology.

  • When u walked in, he was probably ready to “finish” and being disturbed could of peed him off.. Or could of just generally been embarrassed, although that’s not an excuse to push u. Maybe talk to him.

  • Your married whats there to be embarrassed about? what an utterly redicolous thing to do to you and then proceed to say your marriage is over! He’s a grown capable man able to speak in a proper manner to his wife and mother to his child not just go in to overkill of an ended marriage. Hes acting like a jerk.

  • I can understand him being embarrassed but he went too far reacting like that, I hope he man’s up and fixes it pronto

  • Are you and the baby ok and where would you go your pregnant you need a roof over your head for you and your baby


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