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Can I have a private post please ? Hi I currently find myself in a difficult s…

Can I have a private post please ?

Hi I currently find myself in a difficult situation I have a 16 month old who’s father is not involved, I started seeing someone a couple of months ago and found out I’m pregnant nearly 8 weeks , the father took 3 weeks of ignoring my messages until I told him I was pregnant over text (very degrading) he came over to talk and didn’t really mention the baby just told me he was beat up by 10 men so couldn’t reply to me incase they came to my house (these people don’t even know I exist) he didn’t have a scratch on him so I didn’t believe it he told me he’d previously been in the cells over night for his behaviour and that he’d been accused of rape, told me he didn’t do it, he said he wouldn’t put anything on Facebook about us or the baby because he doesn’t want to upset his ex. When he met my other child he was not nice to her bearing in mind he’s only seen her twice he kept shouting no at her and pinched her then she followed him out the living room into the hall Way came back crying holding her hand out to me and wouldn’t let me touch it, I think he did something, he hardly mentioned the baby only thing he said was he’s putting his foot down and it having his last name. I spoke to family and friends some of which said I should keep the baby some saying I should have an abortion. I know if I go ahead with termination I will forever regret it especially already being a mum, I told him I was considering abortion he just called me a c**t and told me to do what I f***ing like and kill an innocent life.
I’m devastated and don’t know what to do, do I have termination and regret it or keep the baby and or keep the baby and not tell him ? I just can’t trust him and didn’t fell safe having my existing child around him let alone an innocent newborn.
Sorry the post is so long
Please help and please no negative comments


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  • Reply please
    Yes he pinched the back of her legs and kept shouting no until she cried even when she was only trying to cuddle her mummy and he was laughing at her crying.
    He seemed nice over text but in reality he’s not and I’m scared of him I won’t even open a window in my house because I’m scared he’d come here and get in, I’ve put in a request to move but I still have 5 months on my starter tenancy. I love my daughter more than life is self and can’t have her being at risk and adding a newborn to that which is his I have no idea how he’d react if he doesn’t get his own way and he’s already done that to my child x

  • If you could please reply on there
    That I really want this baby and I could never have a termination without seriously regretting it but I can’t have him around me to my children especially feeling so unsafe x

    Thankyou that means alot xx

  • He pinched a 16month old? That is disgusting but you can’t let him bend your views on your unborn child, if you feel comfortable and happy having another baby then go ahead and do so but please get rid of him for both your sakes!

  • It’s hard situation because I personally wouldn’t want to be tied to this man whatsoever!!! If he hurt your daughter who isn’t his, imagine what he could be like to a child that is his flesh and blood??? I couldn’t tell you what to do as I personally wouldn’t know myself!! All I know is I wouldn’t want this person in my life or my children’s life at all!!! Could you have his baby and he never no???? Is it fair that he would never no??? I really couldn’t say!!! All I will say for friendly advice, is in future please choose wisely!! The choices you make effect your child/children!! He doesn’t seem like a nice honest man at all!!! Xxx

  • I’m with the other posters on here. If you feel strongly that you want this baby then go ahead. But I wouldn’t want a person like that involved with me or my children. He’s given you a perfect example of his parenting style in the way he treated your little girl and the way he spoke to you, laying down demands and then getting offensive when you told him your thoughts. Best of luck hun, I hope it all works out for you xx

  • If he done tht to your daughter first time no way would he get another chance hes hurting your little girl if he can do that when how he gonna handle a newborn baby?? Im sorry sweet but he to much of a risk in my eyes keep your kids safe xx

  • I dunno if I could have my life linked to someone like that and no one should ever make you feel like abortion makes you a horrible person. You sound like a great mum to your daughter and it truly depends on how much you want another child and with this man? The fact he’s horrible to your little girl and even accused of things like rape apparently does send alarm bells ringing :/ I’m really sorry your stuck in this spot

  • Keep the baby whats done is done but to br honest i think if he wanted to see his child then in a contact centre or something. personally i dont trust him to be done at home without anyone there

  • I would beat his arse for putting his hands on my child and then I would call the police on him. I wouldnt let him anywhere near me or my children.

  • I’m afraid it’s a decision only you can make! Either way get rid of him!!!!


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