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Can I have a private post please. I am currently pregnant I have other children …

Can I have a private post please.
I am currently pregnant I have other children from a previous relanship and the father is not involved really. Anyway cut long story short. I had a very bad pregnancy with one of the others to point I really struggled bond with her etc. But I have been quite sick this time round struggling deal with the kids in the morning getting them ready for school etc. Last night my partner said somethings that really hurt. He’s pretty much made me feel like cause his x has his kids and was never sick that I’m making it up and should just deal with it. My old midwifr told him I was the worst case she had seen in her hole time being a midwife of 40 years. That was a previous pregnancy. I feel like I hate being pregant and that I can’t do another one like the last. I am no way near as sick at all but feel like I won’t b able to bond with this baby the way I should because I feel like I’m on my own. My partner is very good with the other kids he helps around the house. But I feel like he could do more to help its 8:49am I have been up since 6 feeling really crap and he’s asleep on the couch in lounge while kids are playing. It’s mothers day and I just want one morning that I can sit in the bathroom being I’ll and not have children needing breakfast or needing to get ready for school. While he’s asleep. If I ask him get up he will bit I stil end up doing all lunches and dressing them while I’m struggling not spew. My oldest was in the bathroom with me while I was really bad saying she loves me etc she’s 5. I duno wat to do anymore or where to go from hea


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