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Can I post please? When my child gets a high temperature it happens quick and …

Can I post please?

When my child gets a high temperature it happens quick and if we can’t keep it down she has convulsions. Has anyone else had this and did they do a head scan on lo? As hospital was going to do one but said rather not due to radiation?? So don’t know if it knocked lo’s development back or not? Just wondered if anyone had similar happen to them?


8 thoughts on “Can I post please? When my child gets a high temperature it happens quick and …

  • Please can you reply to my post.
    yes very scary just asking as she had 2 within a short time and collapsed before having them also 😓 as I said hospital was going to send for a brain scan but never did but she just seemed to be different after them… x

  • My daughter has had 6 of these in 6 months. All of which have been bloody scary and the last one wasn’t a text book one and looked rather like she had a stroke. She was sent for an eeg ( because of the last one and how often she had them ) All was normal. Thankfully she hadn’t had one in over a year now ( but hasn’t been poorly – so we’re not sure if she’s grown out of them yet )
    Basically I keep a close eye on her if she’s not quite herself. I carry Calpol and a thermometer pretty much everywhere we go and nursery know to look for signs of one coming. I have been left with anxiety from her having them ( I was completely alone when she had her first one – had no idea what was going on and thought she was dying. )
    She’s not affected by any of it though and although is always very tired after having one she doesn’t seem to suffer any after effects from them.

  • My son got blue lighted a few times due to me not being able to reduce his temp
    Her a high spec thermometer and keep a close eye at all times
    Dress them lightly if 45 mins after both calpol and ibuprofen given at the same time the temp hasn’t dropped it’s time to call for help… they taught me how to safely give more than the recommended dose… please speak to a professional, please don’t do this as its per individual but I was told to drop the calpol and double the ibuprofen as it’s more effective to reduce temp… BUT ask for a medical professional to advice what to do to prevent the convulsion safely x

  • It’s my post. Am just so scared as you I have bad anxiety as she sleeps out every week (one night) due to my work so I panic when she’s ill, I just wondered if any lo’s speech had been delayed etc as since she had her first one she changed in the way no eye contact, no speech etc. Coming on now with speech therapy but only a few recognisable words. I have always got medication in and 2 thermometers just incase ones wrong! Lol, it’s such a awful thing to see 😪😪 x

  • My son has seizures when he has a temperature, febrile seizures don’t cause any lasting damage and shouldn’t affect development !! It’s very scary when it happens though. Xx

  • My daughter had febrile convulsions weekly from ear infections
    It was scary she had be sent daycare with meds incase it happend. It’s quite normal and they grow out of them by ages 9 they rekan. My girl has had grommets put in and not had one sezuire since. Hope you get some relif soon ended up having a 40 min sezuire and ended up in intensive care but she is fine and no brain problems 🙂

  • Pm me if you like I had 2 years of these sezuires every week I’m sure I can help give you some peace of mind 🙂 my girl is now 4 and not had a sezuire in a year and half almost 2 years 🙂


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