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Hi private post please if possible I’m 14 weeks pregnant with my 1st baby. I’m …

Hi private post please if possible

I’m 14 weeks pregnant with my 1st baby. I’m 20, rent my own house and I’d say pretty mature for my age. Partner is almost 31 and has full time job, we are planning to move in together and he is excited about baby. We have told his family and they’re happy for us, but I haven’t told my own. I feel sad because I have no friends to support me as I have bad anxiety and lost all my friends..and I have a very small family and only my mum and gran really bother to see me occasionally. Problem is I’m terrified of telling my mum, all my teenage years she would lecture me about not having kids young (she had me at 19) and would check up on me constantly, and try and stick her nose in me and my partners sex life lol. She also would always say it would be a disaster if I had kids because I have problems like anxiety, even though I can be fully independent and im very caring, i’ve also worked with kids and in healthcare..but she basically makes out i’m stupid and have no skills. So I don’t want to tell her, because I know the verbal abuse i’ll get about this and how embarrassed she will be of me when people she knows find out. But I obviously have to at some point as I’ll start showing, and she works near where I live/my neighbours all work with her or have kids that attend where she works! I cannot avoid her. What would be the best way to tell her? I’m interested to know how young mums told their mothers. And how does anyone who has no female support get through their pregnancies? I feel like my partner hasn’t a clue what I’m going through and doesn’t really get half of what i’m saying 🙄


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  • I have no advice to give you as my mother had passed by the time i started my family but just wanted to say….. you can do this!! Don’t worry or be afraid! 💪 you will find support in the strangest of places, i had loads of “friends” before i was pregnant…… and a whole lot less after my baby 😂😂 they dissappear!! I would say one thing open up to your partner as long as you two are strong and on the same page….. your unstoppable…. the A Team! Don’t worry about what others will say….. cos 9 times out of 10 they don’t say anything it’s all the worry of what they might say thats the killer as such xx

  • Im 25 and have 4 children … my first was at 16 my mom made me takr a test and i just passed it to her… my second i had already moved out ( i moved out at 17) i went to my moms and told her … my third i just rang her and let her no … my forth i just sent a text … im a single mom with anxiety aand depresiion. So your not going yo be a disaster plenty of moms suffer with it x as for telling your mom .. your 20 your a adult its your life and your making your ownn family now go see your mom and tell her carmyl .. you never no she may be over the moon for you xxx feel free to inbox me if you need a chat anytime xxx

  • I sat my mum down. Once you say it, you’ll feel a massive weight off your shoulders believe me! Do it sooner rather than later. I didn’t find out until half way through xx

  • As a woman that went through two pregnancies without any female support apart from my midwife, also with anxiety, it’s hard! I ended up really close with my midwife. Going out and meeting new people is difficult for people like us so why not try messaging some of the girls off here if you need a chat! There’s plenty of us! As for your mum girl pull it off quick like a plaster. Just say to her you’ve already made your opinion clear on me being pregnant young, but I am and if you haven’t got anything nice to say I don’t wonna hear it. She won’t like it but it’s not her life! Enjoy your pregnancy Hun! Don’t worry or stress it’s not good for you both, tell her your have to have less contact if she can’t be supportive. Good luck😘

  • I sat outside my front door on a bench at 7am and text my mother 😆 she came outside with a coffee for me and waited for my siblings to bugger off to school lol

  • Also have anxiety and a mum who lectured me not to get pregnant too young..
    Okay she weren’t thrilled straight away but as soon as she saw scan photos she got so excited and now she is the best nanny to my 10 month old girl. It can work out i promise. Good luck xxxx

  • She sounds a bit of a arse so I’d text her so she could keep her mean opinions to her self. X


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