Children Of Narcissitic Parents Fall Into These Categories

Children of Narcissistic Parents usually fall in to one of the following three categories:

1. The Runner, this one tends to move as far away as possible and often cuts all contact with their narcissistic parent, sometimes even telling other their mum/dad has passed away or they grew up without parents to avoid having to talk about them, the runner realises that no matter what they say or do their narcissistic parent will never change their ways.

2. The rebel/scapegoat, this is the one that stands up to the abuser and will forever try to get them to see the error of their ways, basically like beating their head against a brick wall, they will also take the blame for siblings rather than see them getting it in the ear, no matter what the narcississistic parent throws at them they will stand their ground.

3. The golden child, this is the one child/sibling who rarely gets into trouble, mum/dad will throw praise at them when ever possible and often ask their siblings why they can’t be more like them, the golden child will either love the special treatment or grow to resent their narcissistic parent and possible become a runner or a rebel.

Do you fall into one of these three categories, if so which one? Did you grow up with a narcissistic parent, what steps did you take as to resolve some of the hurt? Let us know in the comments section.

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