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could it be anonymous please if possible? I had an emergency appointment with…

could it be anonymous please if possible? 😞

I had an emergency appointment with my GP on Tuesday because I’d started bleeding unexpectedly, but it was very very dark brown, which id never experienced before. After some exams, explained symptoms (dizziness, nausea, sore breasts, and awful back ache), she said she thought it was implantation bleeding, I went for some bloods and I was supposed to call tomorrow for results. Pregnancy tests were 2-inconclusive and 1-negative.

I was told to call back if anything changed, I’ve had to call back an hour ago after incredible pain in my lower back and thighs, and period like pains but more in waves than consistent. I went to the toilet and wiped, expecting to see yet more v.dark brown blood (it hasn’t been very heavy though), but instead there was a greyish pink blob, and lots of thick pieces of what looks like flesh/tissue in the same colour. I’ve passed a lot of clots before, and I’ve googled so much about ruptured cysts, the cast thing, and they don’t look alike, I’ve never seen anything like what I passed before. The pain isn’t easing off and I feel so heavy down there, like I’m carrying weight inside my vagina 😞
I’m still waiting on the call back from my GP to see if she needs me to go in, I’ve kept the flesh/tissue to show her just in case. Does this sound like a miscarriage? I would have only been around 5 weeks. Thank you xxx


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