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Hi can I have a ppp I really need help so please if some one has a sain advise …

Hi can I have a ppp
I really need help so please if some one has a sain advise for me then reply. I’ve been with my partner for nearly 3 years. After about a year together we opened up a business and have been working together very well. 6 months ago we had a very beautiful daughter who I love so much. However just before I have birth we decided to bring on another partner who has changed everything extremely. They constantly leave me out of big decisions and the partner doesn’t even respect me enough to update me or call me for information that concerns my department and goes straight through my partner. My partner and I have started arguing a lot about it recently and we had a fight about yesterday. We didn’t speak all night and this morning I told him that he can’t make a certain decision because I wasn’t in the meeting and his reply was that he doesn’t need my opinion or decision on it. I am absolutely devastated because I have my mum looking after my lo 2-3 days a week during the day and the other days I work from home making sure that the business is running well and for him to say that is really not fair. I understand that I can just leave and look for a part time job but I don’t particaly want that I love my job and when I am a stay at home mum I am going crazy because I have no friends in the area as we only moved here recently. Please help. X


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