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Hi can I have an anonymous post please? Sorry long one. So basically my partner…

Hi can I have an anonymous post please? Sorry long one.
So basically my partners works away mon to fri. I have 2 children 9 & 1. I went on holiday with the girls & since I came back I’ve been feeling very down. Fast forward 2 days & my partner buys me a pregnancy test. Says I’m acting weird so do it. Yes that did confirm I was pregnant. Any how, he has mon & Tuesday off of work. I tell him (even before I found out) that I have zero motivation, I feel sick etc. Just literally no energy to do a thing. He came home from work yesterday & was fine, did make a sly remark about housework not all being done which I totally hold my hands up to. But I told him whilst he was away that I literally am feeling so shit, the heat is making me worse and I’m being sick & looking after the kids and going to work (only part time). I hold my hands up- I’ve completely let myself – well the house really- go these last few days. Haven’t cleaned bathroom like I normally would, done all the washing scrubbed the kitchen. Altho it was in an “ok state”. This morning 7am , he wakes up, has the arse because I asked him once to get up to the baby as I was literally battling to open my eyes because I felt so tired, then literally has a full blown hissy fit about the house. Which he had already seen yesterday from 2pm! Called me lazy etc. Says I’m pretending to feel like this. I wouldn’t mind but I never let him come home to mess. But I did yesterday. Once. Im so angry he’s trying to bully me into doing the housework when I still feel like shit. Not sure what I’m asking here. But am I wrong? Do I deserve to be called names just because I haven’t done the housework because I’m so fucking tired and feel ill?


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