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Hi, could I have a pp please.. I’ve recently moved into my first family home wit…

Hi, could I have a pp please.. I’ve recently moved into my first family home with my daughter and partner , and everything was great for the first couple of weeks, the neighbours seem lovely I’ve got to know the girl next door and we were quite good friends , shed pop in with her daughter so our kids could play together almost every day as she doesn’t work and neither do I, last weekend gone we were both child free so me and my partner decided to invite them round for a few drinks which she told me that she’s still down as living with her mum as she knows if she was down as living there shed get no money and have to live on just her partners wages (my partner actually works at the same place as her partner and is on over £2000 a month, he’s been promoted higher) so really they could manage to live on it. I didn’t agree with it but I kept my opinion to myself as I don’t want to be causing any trouble. How ever this weekend they had a house party and it was still going on 4 o clock Sunday morning , I went round and knocked and asked politely for them to lower the noise a bit as my daughter was very unsettled , she wasn’t well in herself and she couldn’t sleep. I was quite shocked when she had opened the door, the house stunk of cannabis , she started screaming at me to ‘f**k off I’m a stupid fat c**t ‘ and there’s nothing I can do as she’s not down as living their so no one will do anything, if I don’t like it then to f**k off and move somewhere else. I was really annoyed by this (to put it politely) and can’t believe she was like that! First thing I’m doing tomorrow is reporting it as I can’t let my daughter live around this! All id asked her to do was keep the noise down a bit, not bloody send everyone on their way! Does anyone know who id phone? Or who I should actually report it to as she’s not down as living their? Sorry for the long post , I just don’t want people knowing it was me as we really love where we are living apart from this and I don’t want to be known as the neighbour hood grass 😔 Tia x


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