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Hi could I have a private post please? I see so many women on here post situat…

Hi could I have a private post please?

I see so many women on here post situations on here that remind me so much of my ‘past life’ it makes me want to cry. So I wanted to share my story, for anyone who wants to read it.

I had my daughter at 18 years old and by the time she was one her ‘dad’ had buggered off. I was ok with that though, he was abusive, controlling and drank any wages that he earned. I moved out and into my own little horrible flat on my own. I then met my husband. We married after two years and things were OK. I then found out he got someone else pregnant. As soon as I confronted him he went for a walk to clear his thoughts. During that walk he emptied our bank and saving accounts, took a loan out in my name and then disappeared. That was 5 years ago and I’ve never seen him since. I’m still paying off the debt.

I decided then and there I was never going to depend on a man again. I went back to college and then did 4 years at Uni. I trained to become a teacher. During my first year or teaching I won teacher of the year. I’ve now been a teacher for 4 years.

I did this completely on my own. Working extra jobs in the mornings to finance my education. My point is ladies is that life does go on, if you make it. Don’t settle for anyone’s crap, you’re better than that!! And you CAN do it on your own, sometimes it’s even better 😁


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