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Hi could I have a private post please x Basically me and my ex broke up 9 month…

Hi could I have a private post please x

Basically me and my ex broke up 9 months ago, he was seeing our child at mine but he would never pay her attention and just follow me around or try to make conversations to get me back, he would cause massive arguments in front of the kids so I stopped all of that because it was just too much, I told him I didn’t want to be around him as all he wanted was me back etc he sends numerous messages and none of them are about our child (yes I’ve blocked his number but he uses different attempts) I told him we could do contact where his family member could pick up and drop our child of and he refused that as he wanted to be at mine to pick her up & drop her off, I then suggested family drop of contact centers and he basically said he will tell them to fuck off, he randomly turns up at my house waiting around, he turns up at my eldest child’s school to talk to me 😣 he now noes he can’t get to me and has taken an interest in making threats to rip my child away from me in the streets to get my attention (because I don’t speak/acknowledg him) he doesn’t work, spends most of his time in pubs/town fighting, I’m literally at my wits end with it all now and don’t know what to do because ino he doesn’t care about our child unless he’s trying to get to me 😣 any advice would be appreciated if anyone has been in similar situations


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