Kinder Egg Warning-Parents Be Aware

Georgina Trinder has taken to Facebook to warn other parents about the potential dangers from a certain toy contained in Kinder eggs.

Trinder said “Hey mummies , just wanna make people aware … I brought my son a kinder egg and inside was bits to build an aeroplane and well…. ended up at the hospital because the wings was so Sharp!! He had to have his foot glued … even the nurses at the hospital was so disgusted with how sharp it was , the age limit does say no under 3s but my son is 3 years old and the could have done damage to an adult let alone a kid …. just wanna let parents know to please be careful with the toys you get from kinder eggs xx”

Kinder surprise also known as Kinder eggs or Ovetto Kinder is manufactored by Ferrero and have been around since 1974. Each chocoloate egg surrounds a plastic capsule that contains a small toy, parents are advised to always supervise their child/ren when eating a Kinder egg and to check the toys for sharp or broken parts.

Below is a photo of the toy that caused the damage to the young boys foot.

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