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My daughter is 8 years old and she just told me something which I find quiet dis…

My daughter is 8 years old and she just told me something which I find quiet disturbing but wanted other people opinions on how to handle the situation.. my daughter is friendly with a couple of kids on our street which she also goes to school with, she’s known these kids since nursery and I also know there mums.. she has slept over a couple of times at this girls house.. she just had a sleepover not long ago.. I don’t know how it got into the conversation but my little girl had said that the girl had said her “bits” were big and I said how did she say that and she said well she saw it when she “pinched” me there, I said what do you mean, long story short.. she apparently pulled my little girls trouser down and made her open her legs and investigated inside her and then pinched her “clit” she also jumped on top of her and said she was going to have sex with her and was “making noises like she was enjoying herself” my daughters words.. they were clothed though, and apparently this has happened on another occasion.. my daughter said the wee girl also pulls down her own trousers and tell her to look at her bits. My daughter seems like she is humiliated and I feel she’s still holding stuff back as she is embarrassed. The little girl told her not to tell her mum aswel! What would yous do? Forgot to mention this little girl is also 8!


8 thoughts on “My daughter is 8 years old and she just told me something which I find quiet dis…

  • I would talk to the parents before talking to social services. Some things could be exaggerated or seem a lot more vulgar than they actually were if that makes sense? Either way showing bits is something this other child needs to know is wrong. Kids investigate their all curious but you can’t just assume the kid is being abused. Has she got an older brother she’s caught with porn or something? Maybe over heard parents? There’s lots of other explanations. Your daughter did the right thing telling you but before jumping to conclusions and calling socials I would talk to this kids parents and explain exactly what has gone on and then if you feel something is dodgy then call them.

  • Make sure your daughter knows she is safe to talk to you and you won’t get mad or upset. Dont ask leading questions and dont try and fill in gaps. Let it all be her own words and write down what she says so you dont forget. I would also contact ss or school and raise your concerns incase of abuse

  • Defo contact social services she might be getting abused the little girl who did that to your daughter

  • For a 8 year girl to say stuff like that it’s worrying, I’d definitely contact social services to be on the safe side x


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