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my little boy does not eat. he never weaned onto solid food from 6 months old. h…

my little boy does not eat. he never weaned onto solid food from 6 months old. he would always gag over 1 spoonful and throw up the contents of his entire stomach (sorry if tmi) basically we tried and tried for months.
we are now under peadiatrics for this he is seing a doctor,dieticion and constipation specialist.
he does not chew his food and the only solid things he will eat is a biscuit but he nibbles at it and polverises it in his mouth. he will not feed himself anything like toast, fruit,veg, pasta literally nothing he will just throw it even thought we have been putting the same food infron of him for a year and a half.
he is still one jars and 1-3 years meal but they have to be blended smooth yet we still have to fight with him to get to eat it with distractions like bubbles ect. i try and thicken and he gags and throws up. i have tried literally everything and in regular contact with m health visitor too. he is on lots of medication liquid iron, lacitives and peadiasure fibre and plus.
ive really really had enough he cant open his bowels on his own (for over a year) and is excrusiating pain when he goes and is sometimes sick.
me and his dad have decided enough is enough and the bottle is going (has 1 morning noon and night to get his prescription amount of peadiasure into him) he does not drink water or juice nor drink for a beaker/cup.
is letting him feel hunger the best way to go about it. i will offer him food 5 times a day breakfast snack lunch snack and dinner. if he doesnt eat it he goes without. and juice will be available for him all day. he is speaking well but when i ask him why he wont eat he is not advanced enough to tell me and looks at me and just screams.
the medical term used is extreme food aversion. i cant see any light at the end of the tunnel he wont try or chew and gets himself in such a state over eating. me and his dad both love food so we dont know why he doesnt hes never had any bad experiances such a chiking ect. i just dont know what to do.
please if anyone is or has gone through somthing similar i would love some at advice
thankyou in advance


2 thoughts on “my little boy does not eat. he never weaned onto solid food from 6 months old. h…

  • can you please reply on my post to october perry…
    thankyou for commenting he turned 2 in march… he just seems petrified of food. the only thing he actually likes is yogurt. but even now hes gone off that i think through being bored of it. for instance i tried to give him breakfast this morning i thought id gve a little tub of heinz fruit custard. he didnt even try it he just screamed and had a huge tantrum. ive put juice in a bottle and its somwhere he can see and get himself hes asked for milk and ive told him its juice or nothing so he is presently sulking in the corner… im not going to give in. he norally will have peadisure 3 times a day mixed with blue top milk. but it had 200 cals in a bottle and i know for a fact it fills him up and its only making his constipation worse and worse.

  • Hi how old is his now? My youngest son is almost 2 and only just started to be able to eat anything. He’ll nibble at it and only eats small amounts. He’d throw up and gag on anything we tried till recently. He’ll take squash from a non spill baby cup and has formula still. Each child does things in their own time. Xxx


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