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NBR. I’m 22+3 and I’ve never actually got on with my partners family. They’ve ne…

NBR. I’m 22+3 and I’ve never actually got on with my partners family. They’ve never bothered to speak to me over the years until he told them I was pregnant. I thought it was too good to be true when suddenly they wanted to be my best friends but I ignored it for my partners sake. Today my partners mum asked what we decided as a name for the baby, I responded the name and she basically didn’t like it. She said the middle name was boring and she couldn’t pronounce the first name (it’s a perfectly English name and extremely common) and instead told me she wanted to name it a religious name as all her children are religious. My partner and I told her that’s a nice name but we already chose to which she started sending Hebrew meanings for this particular name and saying it’s unusual and she likes it etc basically not dropping it. Because of my past with her I asked my partner to tell her no but he’s a very much mummy’s boy and said no and even agreed the middle name was boring and it should be his last name instead of a double barrel one then told me to look up the Hebrew meaning on the original one we chose to which he replied maybe we should make it the longer version as that’s a religious one. I settled for it being the longer name on the birth certificate as I’ll still call her the same anyway due to it being a nickname from the longer one but I’m worried his mum will dictate and it’ll be his last name and not the middle name which is special to me. Can anyone offer me advice? I don’t want to seem like I’m throwing my dummy out the pram but we agreed the full name months back now when we first found out I was pregnant and we both loved it and told my family and our friends and everyone liked it until we told his mum. I’m not sure if I’m entitled to be angry/upset that she’s dictating it but I really don’t like the name she chose neither did my partner. Sorry for the long post everyone, TIA. x


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