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Please can i have a post on your page? Sorry it’s a long one! I wrote in recent…

Please can i have a post on your page? Sorry it’s a long one!

I wrote in recently about this rubbish situation between me and my padtner. We had been arguing alot recently and I found out he’d been texting other girls and had met up with an ex girlfriend (someone he was planning on leaving me for) while I was poorly, 36 weeks pregnant in hospital (our daughter is 3 next week but this is relatively new information) he is on dating sites and has various fake Facebook accounts to chat up girls. I found conversations (on his facebook) that say he’s sent pictures of his ‘manhood’ to girls that know he’s in a realationship, lives with me and we have a child together (not blaming her at all I know this is on him) Before all of this came out he never hugged or kissed me unless I asked and there was no affection or love of any kind at all for years! We haven’t even been on a date in over 3 years. He doesn’t work either. I have felt like we’re friends who share a bed for a very long time. I had to remind myself we were together sometimes. So I spoke to him about how I felt, and sent him to his mum’s for a week (in which time I didn’t miss him at all and hardly spoke at all apart from him checking in on our daughter and him TELLING me that were trying till Christmas so no one looses out on any money) I found out that even when he was at his mum’s he went and had coffee with another ex (could be innocent but if your trying to fix your realationship you just don’t do that!) now he’s back from his mum’s he’s literally all over me! He’s practically sitting on my lap and touching me constantly! If this had happened 6 months ago I’d of been over the moon and fallen back into his arms. However in light of finding out about the texting other girls and stuff I don’t want him anywhere near me! But now I feel bad coz he’s trying, I think he thinks coz he went away everything is magically fixed and its really Not!! This has been over in my head for a long time. I just can’t find the words to actually say it, I’m too nice for my own good!

I’m not really sure what I want from this post but sometimes it’s better to write it all down lol.


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