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Please can you post anonymously. Ty x I’ve been with this man 2 years I have a …

Please can you post anonymously. Ty x

I’ve been with this man 2 years I have a child and so does he, his son is 13. I try my best to involve his son with everything I do he stays with us Friday to Monday and I plan holidays and days out as I should do. The only thing that is getting me down is his mother . My partner pays Maintenance way more than he should they don’t go through CSA he just suggested an amount and that’s how it’s always been , we have him Friday to Monday and his son said he only sees mum 2 evenings a week as she works and he stays at his grans . Although my partners son has never been taken away by his mum , he wears the same shoes to school as he wears out to play ( he said I only have these pair) his clothes are too small , I never hear of them doing anything or going anywhere in the past 2 years .she hasn’t even asked to keep him one weekend to do something with him . Last week a hoodie he put on was up his arms , I said to my partner he needs new clothes and his son said that’s my dads job to buy them . I was furious inside , my partner pays maintenance has his son more than the mum , his son expects pocket money and any luxuries to also come from my partner . As he says mum always tells me no she has no money , it’s getting me down as what’s the point of my partner paying maintenance if it doesn’t go on his son like it should . I feel like I’m a pot ready to blow. His mum goes on holidays with her boyfriend , nights out . Their son believes what his mum says she has no money for him and he never questions her . He just thinks everything is my partners doing ! I’m starting to feel like a ticking time bomb and I don’t want this to come between us . Someone help !


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