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PP ladies this is long bare with me. So me and my partner has been together 3 …


ladies this is long bare with me.

So me and my partner has been together 3 years. We have a son together who’s 1 next month. When we met a few months in he told me he was here illegally. I could of walked but I didn’t. He’s always talked about going home as he hasnt been home in 9 years. We have done everything by law now and spent nearly 3000 on fees etc for solicitor and home office. So at the start of the year we spoke about him going home and staying for 1 month and when the time came we would talk about which month etc he would go. I received a letter in the post and I opened it he had booked flights to go from Sept to November from him and a friend to travel to his home. I went ape shit I’m not gonna lie, he done tgis behind my back not 1 mention of it. Now he’s going for 2 months leaving me and our son behind. So we talked about it all lastnight he said he doesn’t care what it costs but he’s going, and now he’s just turned around and told me that he got a letter from home office to say our case was a success.. nearly a month ago he found out!!! He didn’t tell me, I feel betrayed because I helped him so much towards this and he hid it from me. He keeps saying it’s a surprise and he was gonna tell me he was leaving for 2 months on my son’s 1st birthday. I’m hurt, angry, scared just one big massive ball of emotions. People keep asking me are u sure he isn’t just using u to get what he needs to stay n live in the UK? Have I been so stupid? Am I just blinding myself to the fact I’ve been so f**king stupid. I don’t know what I want anymore, I love him yes but why would he hide something so big from me when I helped him so much. His brother has texted me saying your keeping ny brother there u won’t let him come home etc. But in my eyes when he met me and we had our son he has responsibility here aswel as home. Am I wrong to feel the way I do because he keeps insisting I’m over reacting. I don’t wanna be alone but i dont wanna be lied to. How do I approach this anyone 😭😭


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