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Private post please – me and my partner were together for 2 years. We never argu…

Private post please – me and my partner were together for 2 years. We never argue, 2 days ago we had a little argument and that’s very rare! All of a sudden he told me it’s over, packed his stuff and left me. He told me the reason he has left and that’s because he said he misses him friends and family (he is from a different city) but I don’t understand how that made him leave me? If you love someone you don’t just leave them because you miss your friends and family, I just can’t get my head around it? I’m still young, it was my first time moving out of my parents house so we could live together, I’m finding it so hard on my own. Any suggestions on how to make myself feel better? As this is my first proper relationship . Sorry for the rant x


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  • Maybe that was the straw that broke the camels back (so to say) I know when I bottle things up for so long I blow up over silly things with my partner but there’s usually a BIG reason behind it . Men are not as macho as they make out maybe he does need to see his family ? I’m 23 with two girls of my own my own home and a great stable realationship but I always need my family for support eg mum brothers / sisters . Hope you sort things out xxx

  • i know its different for everyone. but i couldnt part withmy friends and family. i know many will say well thats not real love. but its true. some would be lonely and slowly resent the love that took them away from their family love. he could just be lonely and upset and that ‘minor’ arguemrnt was the last straw and he has had enough feeling down all day. do yous visit his homecity often? is there no comprimise? im sure hes not out of love with you. he just wants to go home. have a chat with him and find out where his head is. obv this post was advice for you but you are talking about how to make yourself feel better and how YOU are very young and now confused …. could be a problem. just saying. if you talk about you and your feelings and not ask him about his maybe thats another element to him feeling the need to end it. ? not accusing you! just saying. ask him where his head is and how he feels and how yous can fix it together:) if all else fails lots of ice cream helps xD


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