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Private post please ? X I am due to move out within the next 2 months with my pa…

Private post please ? X
I am due to move out within the next 2 months with my partner in to our own place he is a massive gamer which i understand its his hobbies. I am turning 21 and he is 25 years of age and yet he is trying to tell me he will be decorating my home for my what will be 2 children with his gaming poster. I dont know about anyone else but i want a house i can be proud of and invite people in what i class as an adults house obviously decorate my kids rooms in whatever they want. He is threatening to not move out and help towards the deposit because i refuse to cover my house and make it look like a 5 year old owns it i dont care if he plays his games or watches his programs but i refuse to have it plastered all over the house i am not decorating the house in ncis and the mentalist merchandise so i dont understand why he is acting a child…. do you think i am over reacting? We are currently living with his mum and his room is covered in pokemon and i hate it xxx


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  • Can you reply to post please he has 18 posters and wants them everywhere and i mean everywhere i suggested he holds on to them until we get a bigger place and then make him self a game room for himself that he can decorate however he wants he wants to draw all over my walls with his pokemon and other games. Im basically paying for 90% of everything in the flat or house as I’ll be on the tenancy he has not allowed me to hang or do things i have asked to do in the room he has to have it his way or not at all xx

  • Find a compromise. I highly doubt he means to put posters up in every room.. the thing is you’re in a relationship and you may not like all that stuff but he does! It’s his home to so you’re gonna have to find some middle ground here.

  • Could he maybe put them up in the bedroom? Not ideal I know but it’s a compromise. My husband was a massive gamer but luckily no posters etc

  • My partner has a corner in the dining area. He has his tv and xbox there, also a massive gamer and he can do what he wants with his corner, I get the rest of the house to choose lol

  • I think he actually doesn’t want to move out and is using this knowing your going to say no

  • I dont think he’s ready to be a big boy yet 😂🙈 maybe leave him where he is


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