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Thank you Something’s really been playing on my mind with my partner. Last Sat…

Thank you ☺

Something’s really been playing on my mind with my partner. Last Saturday we went out for a meal for his mums birthday, about 20 minutes into sitting down for the meal, he called me a ‘thicko’ really loud & his dad intervened & ask what was going on, my partner said nothing. I felt so embarrassed & went as red as my glass of wine & sat there with my head hanging.

Last night we went out for a meal for his sister in law’s birthday & he told me shut up several times (I was talking to my friend, I wasn’t talking loudly or doing anything in particular, he just told me to shut up). So last night I didn’t talk to him for the rest of the night, I couldn’t even look at him, he just makes me feel embarrassed & like I’m always doing something wrong ☹️

Then me & his sister in law was talking (we’re very close & talk about everything) she asked me what his problem was & I didn’t have a clue why he said it 🤷🏻‍♀️ She told me I should of threw my drink over him (the temptation was definitely there but it was an expensive glass of wine).

I don’t really know what I’m getting out of this post, just need to get it off my chest really & has anyone got any advice on what I could do or say to him?

Thank you x


9 thoughts on “Thank you Something’s really been playing on my mind with my partner. Last Sat…

  • Both of you go out for dinner, & ask him really loudly if he’s still got those anal beads in!
    But in all honestly, he’d have got the wine over his head! You wanna ask him what his problem is, & to stop acting a child! X

  • To be honest I would be having a real good chat with him about his behaviour also I would not go out for meals with him if he is going to publicly embarrass you like that it’s called respect if he ever has a problem it should be brought up privately and not at your expense in front of people he sounds a tad controlling hope your ok xxx

  • If that was me I would look and it and be like if I’m a thicko or you want me to shut up then you need to be with someone else cos if that they way you feel.
    Also if my oh did that to me expensive wine or not that would of been over him plus his parents or even my mum wouldn’t let my oh talk to me like that

  • If my partner called me a thicko or told me to shut up I’d be shouting thicko at him through the letter box when he can’t get in cos I’d of changed the locks!

  • Just try and ask him what his problem is and just let him know how it made you feel and that you aren’t trying to cause an argument you just want him to know this he made you feel x

  • Tell him the next time he embarasses or belittles you in public u won’t b responsible for what comes out your mouth. Tit for tat n all that 😉 xx

  • He sounds like a twat! Who says that in front of their parents unless trying to belittle you!


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