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can I have a private post please. im looking for some advice as i am so unhappy …

can I have a private post please. im looking for some advice as i am so unhappy right now. I live with my partner who is a narcissistic pathological liar. He goes around telling everyone that I beat him up including the lecturers at the university we attend although he’s only in his 1st year and I’m in my 3rd year so I know the lecturers better than he does and this gives me a bad name. I have slapped him once across the face as he was right up to my face shouting and screaming at me. I know I shouldn’t have slapped him but it was a reaction. He claims me and my now 16 year old daughter has bullied him for 4 years which isn’t true she was just acting up like any other teen and I didn’t agree with his punishments. He controls everything right down to the discipline of my children and how I stack the tins in the cupboard. he’s a heavy cannabis smoker and he’s always very angry but blames it on his ptsd which he never showed any signs of until he started smoking cannabis 2 1/2 years ago. I’ve received phone calls to say he chastised the kids off social services due to an anonymous phone call yet he still blames me. He has 3 cats which he allows in the bedroom and keeps me awake all night jumping over us and they spray all over my clothes yet he’s said they are more important than me because they are like his family. If i dont want sex with him he starts having a go at me he tells me all the time sex is crap and his ex was better. I’ve called the police before they told him because we are in joint tenancy he has as much right to be there than I do so he refuses to leave. I have nowhere else to go. what can I do. sorry for the long post


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