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Hello can I have a private post please. Not baby related but just need to get th…

Hello can I have a private post please. Not baby related but just need to get this off my chest and see if anybody that’s been in a similar situation could help.
When my daughter was a month old I met somebody and things were brilliant. After a while moved in together, things were good. Anyway over a matter of time things turned bad he was really mentally subside towards me starting controlling me, grabbing me throwing me around, isolated me from everybody, calling me awful names and then started seeing somebody behind my back (he’s still currently with her) December time I finally thought enough is enough and left. Heartbroken. Even though I left him I couldn’t get over him and kept going back and he lead me on telling me things like “we might be together in the future” or “if you change il like you better” me being a dick tried changing. February come round and I was so die, fighting to be with somebody who no longer wanted me I cut ALL contact. He contacted me once but since then spreading loads of shit about me and I’m trying to move on. It’s May now and I still can’t shift this awful feeling. I’ve come to terms to realise he’s a narcissist pig but it still hurts. Anyway last month I met somebody – he’s funny, charming, good looking, intelligent got his head screwed on and has a baby a few months younger than my daughter. He seems to be the perfect ideal man but I just CANT get over my ex. I’m really struggling! I don’t want to miss a good opportunity but don’t want to continue going on dates with somebody when I’m still feeling like this. I don’t want my ex to control my life even though he isn’t still around but seems like he is! No bashing please. I’m really struggling, not helping the fact I struggle a little bit with post natal depression. Thank you x


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  • It you want to inbox me do…. what he did to you was domestic abuse. Unfortunately he has got you feeling you can’t live without him. Girl you need to get angry about everything he has ever done to you and only once your truly angry you will get stronger. There are people who can help. Sweetie you don’t need to change for anybody but you…. inbox me if you want to talk xx


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